Virtual data room (vdr) is a protect, cloud-based web based repository which allows businesses to handle their confidential business details in an effective and accessible method. VDRs most appropriate tool designed for facilitating business processes, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), fund-collecting, IPOs, and other business orders that require sharing private documents.

Efficient Document Collaboration & Due Diligence

Any time that you need to share delicate information with third parties away from firewall, it is very important to take action that lets you do so quickly and easily. In comparison with generic peer to peer tools that lack professional features, iDeals VDR provides stylish document management features, customizable agreement settings and document security that is built intended for professionals simply by professionals.

Mergers & Acquisitions/Investment Banking

The most frequent use of VDRs is for the due diligence method involved in mergers and purchases, which involves researching and exchanging large numbers of documents. Unlike physical data bedrooms that require pricey and complicated human treatment, VDRs give you a centralized place for any interested get-togethers to review the documents.


Legal organizations use a VDR to maintain confidential details for their consumers, legal groups and other businesses during organization transactions and a lawsuit. They also rely on VDRs to keep their private information protected from cyber-terrorist and other illegal entities.

Expenditure Banking/Funds & Private Equity

Funds and Private Equity organizations often make use of a VDR to communicate and collaborate with limited associates, auditors and portfolio companies. They can also access data and reports on a regular basis to ensure that their financial revealing processes work smoothly and efficiently.