Fellas, there are two main types of females you must never date: Your next-door neighbors along with your work colleagues. The Reason Why? Since they understand where you live and know the place you function! This is not very good news when you date a lady and ascertain there’s really no hope for you as a few.

There is nothing even worse than being required to confront him or her each day at locations where must secure, peaceful and drama-free. Yes, you might keep on some torrid romance with a co-worker, but these relationships rarely function. Then you’re compelled to feel unpleasant with this person.

In no time, you will fear carrying the sofa out of bed each morning to attend any office, and you should consider locating another job entirely.

In the meantime, office romances cause disruptions, resentments and a general sense of disturbance into the office planet. Yes, that hot gal in bookkeeping might be providing you with a person’s eye, but take a pass. You will thank myself ultimately.